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First Friday Webinar - Understanding Domestic Violence: How to Identify DV cases When Screening for Services


  • Starts:

    11/02/2018 - 09:30 AM
  • Ends:

    11/02/2018 - 10:30 AM

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Participants will learn about the dynamics of domestic violence and the prevalence of it.  The power and control tactics will be presented so participants will be able to identify them when screening for services.  Presenters will also explain the effects of domestic violence on survivors and the barriers they face when reporting or disclosing to others. Presenters will share how to support a survivor when they present themselves or if there are signs to best share resources. 


Amy Merkle has been at SafeHouse Center (SHC) in Ann Arbor for 19 years.  During her time at SHC, she has worked as the Children’s Program Coordinator and a Sexual Assault Counselor before transitioning into her current role as the Coordinator of the Counseling and Advocacy Services Program.  She is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Family & Community Services and is a licensed Bachelors of Social Work.  As the Coordinator of the Counseling and Advocacy Program, Amy oversees six counseling staff and eight weekly support groups.  
Laura Hoehner-Dane has been working in the women's movement for over 10 years, she graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Masters of Art in Women and Gender Studies and a Masters of Social Work from Wayne State University.  Laura has been at SafeHouse Center for over 7 years including her internship and now is the Coordinator of the Volunteer, Intern and Children and Youth Program. In addition, Laura is a MCOLES Instructor, teaching law enforcement on working with sexual assault survivors. 

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