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CORT Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals


  • Starts:

    03/27/2012 - 09:30 AM
  • Ends:

    03/28/2012 - 04:00 PM

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Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals is an intense 2 day training designed to give advocates an opportunity to develop and practice their legal writing skills in the administrative context. Although the training is designed for paralegals it is open to attorneys who want to improve their written administrative advocacy.

Participants will be required to complete two short writing assignments and turn them in before the training. Participants are also required to participate in a webinar before the training. During the training, participants will engage in writing exercises. These exercises will focus on various components of written administrative advocacy, including developing arguments, outlining, targeting your audience, critiquing your own work and computer assisted research. The writing assignments will be critiqued by experienced trainers. The training will include lectures by experienced practitioners.

We will be using a SSI case as the basis for the exercises. However, the emphasis will be on legal research and writing skills development rather than substantive law. Lack of experience in SSI cases will not be a factor in successful completion of the training.

Participants should bring a laptop computer loaded with word processing software for use in the legal writing assignments.

REGISTRATION FEES: As a CORT-sponsored event, there is no fee for programs participating in CORT. For registrants from Ohio, Michigan, and West Virginia legal services programs not participating in CORT, the registration fee is the pro-rata share of the cost of the training plus a surcharge of $300. For these participants, the registration fee is $550. For other participants, the registration fee is the pro rata share of the cost of the training plus 20%. For these participants, the registration fee is $300.

ROOM AND BOARD: The training will take place at Weber's Inn in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Room and board will be billed to participant's programs after the training. Your program will be billed $92.00 per day for the hotel room, and $22 per day for meals. Beverages and breaks will be provided.

CANCELLATION DEADLINE: The deadline for cancellation of your registration for attendance is March 20, 2012. Registrants canceling after this date will be billed for any unavoidable costs incurred as a result of the late cancellation.

RETURN APPLICATION NO LATER THAN February 24, 2012. If you have any logistical questions, call Kerri Ferrari (734) 998-6100, x151 or email For questions regarding the substance of the training, call Lisa Ruby (734)998-6100 x117 or email

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