CORT First Friday Webinar (on Thursday): Understanding "Coerced Debt"


Please join us on Thursday, November 4th, (**Please note the new date) for a CORT webinar: Understanding "Coerced Debt"

Presenter: Professor Adrienne Adams, PhD

This session will provide an overview of coerced debt, emerging evidence, and relevant
law (and gaps in the law) with the purpose of creating common language/understanding
about coerced debt. The presenter will also share and facilitate conversation about
emerging issues in coerced debt.

Professor Adams is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology and a
member of the Research Consortium on Gender-based Violence at Michigan State
University. Her research focuses on economic justice for survivors of intimate partner
abuse. Currently, Adrienne is exploring the problem of coerced debt, a form of
economic abuse that occurs when an abuser generates debt in their partner’s name via
fraud or coercion.

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