The Committee on Regional Training (CORT) is a four state training consortium that provides substantive law and skills trainings for legal services providers in Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan, and Ohio. CORT organizes eight to ten multi-day training events each year, which are hosted in one of the four member states. CORT is led by a board representing its membership.

All of the CORT skills training events utilize case studies and interactive teaching methods to train new advocates to be effective attorneys. Key trainings such as Basic Lawyering Skills Training, Litigation Planning, and Trial Advocacy Skills Training are offered every year; more specialized trainings, such as Negotiations or Discovery, are offered every few years.

CORT also provides a variety of substantive law trainings in areas of law that are conducive to regional instruction, such as national housing law issues, laws and regulations pertaining to migrant workers, or federal public benefits. You can learn more about training events, or view an entire year’s training schedule for more detailed information about CORT training events.

CORT members also host monthly “First Friday” Webinars for legal services staff in the member states. These webinars cover current legal topics ranging from the intersection of bankruptcy, foreclosure and family law; to understanding health care reform; to technology topics for legal services attorneys.

CORT is a non profit organization funded by membership dues. CORT members can send staff to CORT trainings without additional registration fees, while non-member participants must pay registration fees for trainees. For more information, see the list of CORT member organizations, learn how to become a CORT member, or read more about the history and structure of CORT.